Internet on the blockchain
Motion graphics & marketing
Most of the work I do for the awesome folks over at Skycoin is not publicly released yet, or is under NDA.

However, I produced the films below for their official marketing channels. Simplifying their rather complex technology concepts into analogies and examples in animations for the masses to understand.

The more exciting product work for them is helping them with their
wireless, decentralised meshnet aimed at replacing the monopoly of ISPs.

Check it out here:
My involvement at Skycoin includes marketing design, film & media production, graphic design, user testing, and product testing.

Most of what I create is using Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and Sketch.
Media not under NDA
I am working within their marketing team on a whole suite of their hardware and software products. I produce weekly update videos, information motion graphics, and product tutorials, amongst other non-public content as well.
I managed the production and delivery, as well as creating the motion graphics themselves.
Ongoing thoughts
It is very different working entirely remotely, as the entire team is decentralised in all of the continents.

We are all also mostly anonymous for a lot of the work we do, as is common for the blockchain and crypo space. Each of us referring to each other with pseudo-names.
Skycoin is working on some exciting new technology, to build out their wireless meshnet, and I'm thrilled to be able to work with them whenever I can.
Please get in touch for more details, full res images, or if you have any questions.