Please, walk the robot
Hackathon & prototyping
A quick project made for a 24-hour hackathon we held at work a little while back.

Briefed with making a walking robot, "Gorillabot" crawls and walks around using its 3D printed structure of linkages.
My involvement in this project included concept development, mechanical engineering, CAD, and prototyping.

Created using SolidWorks, and then printed on an Ultimaker.
Baby steps
I used a new linkage analysis software to recreate several types of linkages and their movements.

I ultimately chose the Klann linkage type, due to its compact nature and spider-like crawling.
Playback of my single and double Klann linkage system
CAD, print, done
With not much time to get Gorillabot running around, I jumped into SolidWorks and converted the linkages from the software into 3D parts for the assembly.

With some inspiration from the robotic spider in The Wild Wild West, the assembly started taking shape fairly quickly.
The most amount of time spent in the hackathon was actually getting the Ultimaker up and running again, and of course waiting for all the parts to print.
Quick render of the assembly
Fully assembled and ready to go
It's alive
It was a fun, quick build, and was great to see the new linkages software in action.

Tinkering with the Ultimaker was great, as well as getting some more mechanical design work in on SolidWorks.
Gorillabot is not the fastest, but certainly scares the heck out of my dog when it walks past.
Gorillabot scampering across the studio floor
Please get in touch for more details, full res images, or if you have any questions.