Cover it, like it's gold
Marketing & art direction
After some time as a design consultant at Kinsu, a small insurtech startup based in London, I was brought in-house as the first designer. After some time, I became head of design working with and managing up to 4 other designer consultants.

"Kinsu" is simple, fair insurance for all your things. Sold online, with the goal of being the best end-to-end insurance provider on the market.

As my involvement at Kinsu touched many areas of the business, I have split the work into 2 portfolio sections.
This section will include my work on public-facing materials such as marketing concepts, strategy and delivery, and art direction.

If you wish to see my work on the product development, design, and user testing: See this section.

Most of my work in this section was created using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Webflow, and Autodesk Maya.
The problem
Selling insurance is hard. Really hard.

The industry has a very high cost per acquisition of a new customer/policy: £150, even for the big players with their meerkats and bulldog mascots.

Not only that, but we are small and unknown in the market, as Kinsu was founded in 2016.

To get noticed, we had to try something different.
The competition
Existing marketing materials
I joined the team as the first in-house designer, but the MVP was already up and running for both the website and the app itself.

First step was to get acquainted with insurance: a highly regulated industry, with numerous loopholes and compliance traps.
I did an audit of our current public facing materials, website etc to see where we were at, before continuing down any path.

We had not done any out-of-home marketing yet at this point.
Great product MVP live after some refinement
Not enough info on the existing landing page
Website user testing
As the product was further along in terms of design refinement, and was already selling policies, I tackled the website re-design first.

I ran numerous user testing sessions to understand what people want out of insurance from a fundamental level, and also to see which things they cared about most.
With various ranking exercises of criteria, and A/B tests, the results below highlight the top things that people kept coming back to: price, ease, and transparency.
Some results for 2 of the 8 batches of user testing
The price of our monthly premium was something out of our control, as we were underwritten by Lloyds, however it was also nowhere to be seen on the current website.
Website v2
Using the feedback from the user sessions as a guideline, I prioritised and designed the modules for the new version of the website.

With the illustrative assets coming from the same illustrator as before, the new website still had the same feel despite being quite different in look.

I spent a lot of time iterating on the copywriting, alongside the team and branding director, to get the tone of voice just right and deliver the key messages.
Really useful to see everything in one place
Main modules on the new website homepage
Conversions boosted
With an emphasis on the ease and transparency of the product, as well as our reviews on Trustpilot, we saw a definite uptick in our conversions from website visit to signup.
The graph below shows the percentage of daily website visits through to signup increasing on average in the days after launching v2.
Tracking results exported from our Google Analytics for the website and app
Bearing in mind that the numbers are small to begin with, this was still great validation of the user testing results.

Show the people what they want to see.
Tube & digital ads
Now that the website was overhauled, it was time to start doing some outdoor marketing to increase the magnitude of sales.

Copywriting with our marketing director, we tweaked the website to the messaging: "Insurance. Stripped." as well as a few other pieces that made it into the ads.

The idea being that Kinsu strips out all of the unnecessary jargon, policy loopholes and gives you the pure product you want.
Extending that to our USPs for the different variants of the marketing ads was simple enough, and after a few iterations I had a few designs ready that we were all happy with.

With our marketing director away on leave, I managed the whole marketing campaign from design signoff and compliance loops, through to them going live on the tube, billboards and social.
Pantone print proofs for the tube ads
I wrote the copy for this one, which was awesome to see live
More focused on USPs
Sales spiked, but not quite enough
Seeing the ads leave from my screen and into the tube carriages was an amazing experience.

We had 3 rounds in different variants, where I had to tweak the copy as well as the pantones slightly due to the yellowish tinge of the tube lighting.
In the last 2 rounds we also included discount codes so that we could track if which copy performed best, and people like discounts too.

Sales went up, however our cost per acquisition was still too high at this stage, which meant we had to revisit our marketing messaging.
Customers and team took selfies with our ads which boosted our social media and was good fun
Outdoor ads
For the second round of outdoor marketing we approached a digital billboard distributor, who offered us "startup" rates.

We reworked the messaging to be more price-driven and USP focused, as well as having our Trustpilot rating prominent.

We also returned to the insurance dilemma: people only get insurance if they think something bad will happen, or has happened to them.
InLink ad by Dalston station
Digital billboard ad for Bristol
Art direction v2
While we had the ads running, I returned my attention to the product itself and also refining our art direction.

Currently, we relied too heavily on outsourced illustrations as they were in a particular style before I joined, which was not scalable or cost effective.

I started to work on a 3D art style, where the brand colours could still resonate in the scene, but the items themselves could have a higher level of detail. The direction would help make Kinsu as a whole look more polished and less "cartoony".
One of the art direction mood boards
What are contents?
Insure your stuff, we'll treat it like gold
Unfortunately, Kinsu had to close down due to funding issues before I could really get into the meat of the art direction overhaul, but I have shared early concepts above for you to see.
Final thoughts
Ultimately, our sales growth was not high enough for us to secure the rest of our Series A investment round, and Kinsu had to stop selling insurance.

Unfortunately, as Kinsu operates in a highly regulated space and that we had to shut down, none of the online assets are allowed to be usable by the public. However, I am happy to show you them in person.
Working at Kinsu was an amazing journey, where I gained a lot of experience at senior levels due to the close-knit nature of our business, and I'm sad to see Kinsu join the insurtech wasteland of 2019.

Please get in touch for more details, full res images, or if you have any questions.