Non-public projects
Product design & prototyping
I'll summarise what I can of my work in the various non-public projects here, unfortunately a lot of the IP is held or under NDA to the respective companies.
Market research for a "health in cities" project, included prototyping a solution and testing on the streets.
Ernst & Young + Impossible
Lead a workshop with the awesome folks at Impossible for an "autonomous cities" concept.
Pernod Ricard
Market research for a new "cocktail experience" leading to a new product concept category.
Product strategy and refinement of concepts for the next versions of the healthcare and fitness products.
Conductive fabrics and prototyping for research and development of new concept products.
Lotus Cars
Design and optimisation of various components to reduce waste and cost of manufacturing.
Design and optimisation for fuel efficiency of the power systems for their next generation vehicle.
Nicolas Lavrov
Market research and then concept designs for a leading marketing agency's website.
CJCT Studios
Designed accurate digital environments for new builds based on readings from the surrounding areas.
As with all of my work, please get in touch for more details or if you have any questions.