B2B, Revenue Optimisation ML Software
Website & Marketing Design
After my design leadership and marketing work at Kinsu, I was brought in as the first in-house designer at Pace.

Pace is a fintech startup optimising revenue for the hospitality industry through in-depth machine learning capabilites.

As my involvement at Pace was across the teams from Engineering to Customer Success, I transitioned to Product Manager for the Customer Experience squad.
I have split the work for Pace into 2 portfolio sections. This section includes my work on website and marketing design.

If you wish to see my work on product design and management, and concept development at Pace: See this section.

Most of my work in this section was created using Sketch and the Adobe Suite.
Success story films
Part of our sales process relied heavily on customer testimonials, so I lead a production team to Benelux to record and film 3 interviews of some of our leading customers.

The production included scripting of the questions, B-roll footage, and managing an external cinematographer.

Take a look at one of our quirky stings below.
Behind the scenes
Short sting variant C, quite the character
Website v2 | Existing Messaging
With new product verticals on the short-term roadmap, we looked through all of our messaging used for sales and the home page.

We did some internal and external testing on the messaging used on the website as well, a lot was still reusable in terms of content, but it was time for the design to be more in line with our product.
Previous homepage messaging and design
Website v2 | 1st Iteration
Once we launched our 4 new product verticals, we needed to re-design our homepage to align with our vision of Pace being a platform solution for the hospitality industry.

After we did a review of the existing website and pulled out anything that was valuable, we rebuilt the website from scratch using Tailwind.
I made some abstracted animations to depict the app's functions
Main modules on the new website homepage
Unfortunately Coronavirus threw a large spanner into the works of everything, and the above version is how the website was left running on production. Further testing and iteration will need to be done once there is more time.

Product verticals
Within the Pace platform, we offered 4 products. Pricing, Analytics, Diagnostics and Group Displacement.

The 4 sub-pages are listed below:
Group Displacement
Please get in touch for more details, full res images, or if you have any questions.