Colour controls
Game design & development
During a break from consulting projects, I set myself a challenge:
launch a game in 48 hours.

"rgbPOP" is a colour matching game, that uses a new type of control, the "ColourStick", to pop the falling bubbles.

The bubbles drop faster over time, and if matched incorrectly, the base layer increases in height until it reaches the top and the player loses. Bonus points awarded for being accurate.

Download the app, and start popping those bubbles!
My involvement in this project included concept development, game design, play testing, and iOS development.

Created using Sketch, and then coded with Swift in Xcode.
It's pretty slow at the start, but just wait...
The ColourStick
The new game control is based on a blend of a joystick and a colour wheel, both picture opposite.

The selector circle is moved by the player on the large colour pad, and this picks the colour similar to an eyedropper tool.

The custom 2D game engine then compares the red, green, and blue values of the colliding base and bubbles to determine if it pops or not.

Which is where the name "rgbPOP" comes from.
Joystick meets colour wheel
V1 playable on the App Store
As I had a fairly small amount of time to turn this around, I spent most of my time on the actual function of the ColourStick.

This meant there is simple gameplay, but still quite enjoyable as one of those endless arcade games you might play while on the bus.
The rest of the UI was kept quite simple, and I would have left it unbranded, but I needed a brief break from all of the coding.
A few different states of the game
You can download it here from the iOS App Store.
Final thoughts
The 48 hours time limit meant some design and features had to be cut out, but it was a good challenge to get it live.

Quite nice to seem some people playing it regularly as well.
It was good practice to get some game design in, which also fun to play test as well.

I really like the way the new ColourStick handles the gameplay, and I think it makes rgbPOP quite unique.
Snapshot of the number of bubbles popped per game
Please get in touch for more details, full res images, or if you have any questions.