Get out of your loop
Product design & development
As a small team of 5, we built "Unloop" from the ground up, right when AI and chatbots were extremely hype in the startup scene.

"Unloop" is your smart, lifestyle assistant that learns what you like, and then suggests new things to try and places to go.

Download the alpha version, and try something new.
My involvement in this project included concept development, product design, business development, user testing, and iOS development.

Created using Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and then coded with Swift in Xcode.
The problem
People are creatures of habit.

They do the same sort of things, with the same sort of people, endlessly living in the same loop.

When that rare moment happens outside of the loop, it is memorable and exciting, and is something that makes the daily grind seem worth it.

We wanted to capture that essence, by introducing people to these sparks outside of the loop.
"Her" was a big part of our inspiration, great film
Understanding user personality data with AI
I worked with 2 full-stack developers, who were specialised in machine learning to build up our artificial intelligence empathy engine from scratch.

We used the AI to process all of the complex and abstract user data, and turn it into useful, new experiences for people.
We used a familiar psychology tool called the OCEAN personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism) to start building out user profiles from each interaction with the AI.

Each person builds up their own unique personality fingerprint on the 5 axes, and the AI uses this to make new suggestions.
A user's personality fingerprint being built up over time, each line is a day of interaction
Iterations & user testing
With some user testing, I quickly realised that the personality fingerprint was to confusing as a visual alongside the complex AI interactions.

The OCEAN traits were visualised in a simpler way using circles that scaled on each of the traits, as shown below.

Free text entry was also tested, but most people actually preferred the reliability of answers from chatbot buttons over the freedom of typing whatever they wanted.
The calendar view was also tested, to help show the monotony of people's schedules, and then the Unloop suggestions would stand out as a result.

That did not work out as expected, as people did not want to see how boring their lives were.
Iterations of the early prototypes
After some more feedback and testing, I simplified a lot of the elements and headed to the branding and latest iteration.
Branding the AI
We wanted the AI's suggestions to be very tailored and unique to each person as a result of their interactions together.

It would be as if each person could say "I have my own ai", and as the interactions would also be over voice, the name had to be something easy to say.

"My ai" easily transposed to the name "aimy", as shown opposite, and fortunately this was not yet trademarked.
Aimy is your own personal, lifestyle assistant
Simple wordmark and logo
As the idea behind unloop is rather complex, I wanted the branding to be quite simple.

So after a few iterations, we picked a wordmark and logo that represents "breaking the loop".

Unloop Limited even owns the trademark for "Unloop" and "Aimy".
Final refinement
Once we were happy with the prototypes and user testing results, I coded the front-end of the app, while the devs worked on hooking up our AI engine.
We launched the alpha version a little while ago, and soon we were getting lots of feedback and training data for our AI.
3 main screens: chat, suggestion details, and calendar view
Latest version live on the App Store
You can download the alpha version here from the iOS App Store.
Final thoughts
Unloop got some press coverage which was amazing to see in:

As well as getting selected to exhibit at the Dubai Design Week.

We set up and exhibited Unloop at three global events, getting over 11,000 people to sign up for Unloop at launch.

Working on things alongside product design and development, like pitching, business development and all the rest that comes with a startup was hard work, but awesome.

Ultimately, Unloop failed to gain commercial traction as our revenue model was based on intelligent ads being served to users. Our bootstrapped runway ran out and we closed down, like many other AI/chatbot startups at the time, and kept the project as a time capsule on the app store.

I'm extremely proud of the team and all that we accomplished together, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.
Presenting Unloop to Google VP, Rajan Anandan
Website I built for the for launch
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